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Mini Metro More is a mod to Dinosaur Polo Club's Mini Metro that adds the ability to load custom-made maps, with plenty of new enhancements that push the game even further. 

The mod is currently built for release 41. The most recent update of the game is release 41, as of February 10th, 2020.

Maps and Features

The base mod currently includes seven custom maps to show off some options for building new levels and some of the new mechanics I've added.

KYIV, a small-scale Soviet-era metro which forces you to make diligent use of your starting interchanges and few lines.

LYON, where you'll need to think hard about how to use your tunnels to bridge the Rhone-Saone confluence, using just five lines.

CASABLANCA, a tough tramway level, like the base game's Melbourne, that picks up quickly in the late game!

RIO DE JANEIRO, where you develop the downtown LRT while fixed metro and commuter rail lines continuously drop off new passengers!

QINGDAO, a large-scale regional rail system that focuses on using your few bridges wisely and picking the right balance of upgrades with three bonuses per week!

TORONTO, which starts you off with three Tram-only lines, and forces you to choose carefully whether to invest in the city's subway or streetcar system each week.

NEW in 1.01BARCELONA, a huge 11-line metro that will have you juggling your downtown core while trying to expand, with its many duplicate special stations. Dinosaur Polo Club went ahead and made their own Barcelona map though, so I'm only including this as an extra you can install!

Maps are loaded in when the game starts from JSON files containing all the info about the water and island shapes, starting stations, weekly upgrades — now with new features to set 3+ "rounds" of upgrades and offer more or less than two upgrades per round — and line settings — including new enhancements that can restrict certain trains to certain lines, set train limits, or create fixed permanent lines. 

I'd love to see folks take a crack at creating their own maps. I encourage you to look into the mod maps I've included so far and reverse engineer the process. In the coming weeks I'll compile a map-making guide to help folks through the process, especially with balancing. But that'll be for the full release!


This build of Mini Metro More is for Mini Metro release 41. The most recent update of the game is release 41. Make sure you have the correct release of the game! You can confirm your release number in-game by going to the credits via the top-left arrow in the main menu, and scrolling to the very bottom.

Once you download and unzip the Mini Metro More file, there's just two steps to get the mod running. Before you start, make sure to know whether you're running the Steam or DRM-free (i.e. Humble, App Store) version of the game, though!


From the download, find the Assembly-CSharp-[...].dll file corresponding to your operating system and version of the game. 

Next, find your copy of "Mini Metro.exe", or "Mini Metro.app", for PC or Mac respectively. If you've downloaded it through Steam, you'll need to find your /steamapps/ folder, where the game is located. 

Next, you'll have to find the /Managed/ folder in your game data, and replace the Assembly-CSharp.dll file in that folder with the mod .dll, renaming the new file to Assembly-CSharp.dll. Finding the /Managed/ folder differs on Mac and PC:

On PC: You'll find a folder called "Mini Metro_Data" in the same directory as "Mini Metro.exe". Navigate into /Mini Metro_Data/Managed/. In this folder, backup and replace the existing "Assembly-CSharp.dll" file here.

On Mac: Right click or control click on "Mini Metro.app" and select "Show Package Contents". Navigate into /MiniMetro.app/Contents/Resources/Data/Managed/. In this folder, backup and replace the existing "Assembly-CSharp.dll" file here.

On Mac, App Store build: Right click or control click on "Mini Metro.app" and select "Show Package Contents". Navigate into /MiniMetro.app/Contents/MacOS. Right click or control click on the new "Mini Metro.app" in here and select "Show Package Contents". Navigate into /MiniMetro.app/Contents/Resources/Data/Managed/. In this folder, backup and replace the existing "Assembly-CSharp.dll" file here.


Return to the directory containing your copy of "Mini Metro.exe", or "Mini Metro.app". Into this, copy the provided "mod" folder from the download. Now you should be able to run the mod and try some of the new cities!

For the Mac DRM-free build, you have to copy the provided "mod" folder into the .app/Contents/ folder. This gets around a restriction on how files can be loaded by apps introduced by Apple in OS X 10.12.

Bug Reporting

The current version of Mini Metro More is one of the first public releases of the mod, meaning that there are bound to be bugs. The most common blocker 
issues encountered will result in a black screen at launch, an off-white screen at
launch, or a freeze when entering the "Play" menu. However, other issues may crop up on starting or restarting a level, or attempting to save by exiting to the menu or desktop.

If you run into any issues with the game or with a particular map, please don't hesitate to reach out to me in the forums here, on Twitter, or on Reddit. When you do that, having as many details as possible about the time of the bug, what you were doing leading up to the bug, and a copy of your game console log helps so much to fix the issue down the line. That log can be found in different places depending on your operating system:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Unity\Editor\output_log.txt

Windows Vista, 7, 10: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Unity\Editor.\output_log.txt

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log


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