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Have you ever wanted to go back to the good ol' days of grades 7 through 9, when everyone was awkward and you had to do horrible terrible group presentations?  No? Well, too bad. This is your fate. Will you survive?

A GROUP PRESENTATION?!?!? was made by one person (me!) in just under four days using the LÖVE2D engine for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Game Jam, with the theme of "Present." I opted to interpret that as the verb, rather than the noun.

A GROUP PRESENTATION?!?!? can be played with 2 to 4 friends (or by yourself, but it won't be much fun) on different computers connected to the same wifi network. 


In the game, you can move between the screens with the left and right arrow keys, and otherwise click to perform your tasks. All you need to do is make it through five slides. When the game starts, players are randomly assigned one or two of the four ROLES:

THE PRESENTER: All you needed to do was remember your lines. While the other players scramble around, you'll need to stall for time! Once the Clicker tells you you're on the right slide (you can't see it!), and Smarty-Pants tells you the right thing to say, pick the dialogue option!

THE CLICKER: Since the Presenter is too nervous to turn around, you'll need to tell them when it's the right slide to speak! Talk with Smarty-Pants to make sure all the details on the slide are right, and get Tech Support to help if you can't find the slide or if the presentation's all messed up.

TECH SUPPORT: Somewhere in this catastrophe of a project, the presentation got split across three USBs! If the Clicker can't find the right slide, you can switch to a new USB on your laptop. Pay attention to the wires to the laptop and projector, though. If you hear a zap, you'll need to find the right coloured wire that's turned off, and have someone plug it in.

SMARTY-PANTS: Everyone around you is an idiot. You'd be up there presenting if you didn't lose your voice. Your laptop has the master presentation, with all the right slides for the Clicker, and all the speaking notes for the Presenter. You'll need to act as captain of this sinking ship and guide everyone else. But be wary, your laptop cable might pop out at any moment!


If you can't seem to connect to your friends from the menu, make sure you're on the same wifi network. If that doesn't work, try either disabling your firewall or port forwarding (the game uses ports 5266 and 5277). Active VPNs can also cause connection issues, in my experience.

I didn't have access to a Windows computer during the jam, so there might be Windows-specific crashes that aren't accounted for.

If you encounter any bugs please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!


For jam reasons, I'm including a list of external resources used.

  • The game was programmed in lua and uses the LÖVE2D engine. I also made use of the incredibly helpful tween.lua library.
  • All art assets in the game are hand-drawn, using Photoshop and aseprite
  • All the SFX were taken from freesound.org and edited in Audacity.


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Ooo I love the art style

Didn't find any players but playing it alone really gives you immersion of doing the whole project yourself like always